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Readers Survey Articles:

Energy Efficient Trends in Residential Construction (March 2008)
We asked builders and renovators how important energy efficiency is to their clients, the people who buy the final product, and how they feel about the process.

A Closer Look: Snapshots of the Renovation Industry (September 2007)
This issue's Readers Survey looks at current and projected sales activity, what product and services sell best, the labour shortage, cash sales activity and what can be done about it.

New Building Products (July 2007)
The building industry continues to enjoy a steady stream of impressive new products. Last year, an astounding 88% of builders said they used new energy efficiency products and 81% of renovators used new tools.

Design and Interiors... (May 2007)
Design elements and features are a major source of income for builders and renovators, according to the latest Readers Survey conducted by Home BUILDER Magazine...

Exterior Energy Efficient Products (March 2007)
We asked builders and renovators how important energy efficiency is to their clients - the people who buy the final product. Consumers buying new homes or doing major renovations are offered many new products and they have various reasons for making this big purchase, so how important is energy conservation to them?

The Renovation Cash Market (November 2006)
Builders and renovators from across Canada estimate the cash market in residential construction and renovation to be at 28 per cent. In renovations alone, this will translate to roughly 8.7 billions of dollars changing hands without tax implications.

Qualified Labour & Trades Shortages (September 2006)
Without a doubt, shortage of skilled labour and the underground economy are on top of the list of problems affecting the industry. In our latest Professional Readers Poll, readers report the extent of the effects and express some strong opinions.

New Products (July 2006)
The continued stream of new products offered to the residential construction industry is very impressive. As our survey shows, as many as 77 per cent of renovators have used new tools and 82 per cent of builders have used new accessories in the past year.

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