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Kitchen trends 2023: cozy, woodsy with dashing details

November 23, 2022

Wood is back for kitchen cabinets in 2023. | AyA Kitchens

Top kitchen design trends for 2023 are moving towards what Toronto-based AyA Kitchens says is “comfortable, relaxing and, well, cozy.”
But some also want a flash of design dash.
In its Trends Report 2023, released November 14, major cabinet manufacturer AyA Kitchens suggests that after a “hectic” period of COVID-19 and a roller-coaster housing market, Canadians are looking forward to creating soothing and personalized spaces.
According to designers at AyA Kitchens, this translates into a return to natural wood cabinetry and accents. Paint colours for walls and trim are most often muted shades of greys that provide “warm neutral tones” signalling a more calming atmosphere with less upkeep than white kitchens.
Open shelves—a trend over the last few years—have been replaced by wood-framed cabinets with glass doors for a more luxurious feel while protecting items from dust.
Yet, according to HGTV (Home and Garden TV), some consumers want to add a splash of daring detail to contrast the understated wood-and-muted colours.  
“Heating up the trends list into 2023 are bombastic backsplashes made up of loud marble, integrated coffee stations, art ledges and curved islands,” according to HGTV’s Iris Bernaroia, who released HGTV’s 2023 outlook on November 3.
Both AyA Kitchens and HGTV agree range hoods—now often a focal point in new or renovated kitchens—will retain their prominence in 2023. But, the designers say, the look will blend into the overall design through monolithic pieces, perhaps in bronze shades, that contrast with rather than overpower cabinets.


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