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May 23
Bold by Design:
Ontario Association of Architects Annual Conference
MTCC & Delta Hotel,
Toronto, Ontario

May 23–27
CSC National Conference
Construction Specifications Canada
Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton Westin Hotel

May 27 & June 3
Parade of New Homes
Nova Scotia HBA
Halifax, Nova Scotia

June 5–7
Building Lasting Change: CaGBC National Conference
Canada Green Building Council
Toronto, Ontario
Beanfield Centre

June 10
Parade of Renovated and Custom Homes
Various locations, Metro Vancouver

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Mortgage "bazooka" knocks sales to 7-year low
What some realtors are calling a mortgage “bazooka” has driven Canadian home sales to a seven-year low following the implementation of tougher mortgage regulations.

New homes sold as Alberta builder fails
More than new 125 new home properties in Alberta are being sold, some at deep discounts, after major homebuilder ReidBuilt was forced into receivership last November.

Stress test gets more stressful
The federal mortgage stress test being applied to all new homebuyers became more stressful this month after an increase in the bellwether five-year mortgage rate. This is the rate that mortgage seekers must qualify at, regardless of the amount of their down payment.

Vancouver developers warned "the end is nigh"
Metro Vancouver condominium developers were warned of a potentially sustained downturn after housing sales in April plunged by double digits compared to a year ago. April is traditionally one of the strongest months of the year, signaling the start of the spring selling season.

Taxes nail costs to new homes in GTA
Rising government taxes, fees and charges now total $186,000 on the cost of a new detached house in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and an average of $121,000 to the price of a new high-rise condo, a new study suggests.

Solid slabs hot for backsplashes

Renovation contractors should take a close look at new trends in backsplashes -- a product that can frame a kitchen makeover and make it pop.

The kids are all right: Genworth
Perhaps to the surprise of many, the majority of young adult Canadians have already bought a home, according to study from Genworth Canada -- the second-largest mortgage insurer in Canada.

Ontario Millennials fear they will never buy
Nearly 70 per cent of young adults in Ontario fear they won’t be able to buy a home and about 58 per cent of all adults agree.

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Drones Top Roofing Tool

Flying eyes can improve safety and give birds-eye view for repairs.

Attack on Demand
Governments are gutting Canada’s housing market by stifling demand and stalling supply.

Market Report: Quebec Steps Up

La belle province has its housing groove back.

Renovator profile:
Design, build and keep the HAMMERDOWN

Despite government disruptions home builders delivered 200,000 new homes and more than one million jobs in 2017.

TOOL TALK: Renovation is Outpacing New Construction

One characteristic of renovation is that contractors are more a jack of all trades, using a wider variety of tools than new construction workers and often dabbling in fields that are not their speciality.

Future-Proofing the Home Building Industry.

Don’t Stress the Stress Tests: Housing Starts to Remain Stable in “Lukewarm” Market.

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